33 Ways to Incorporate a Second Language Into Your Family Life

Do you desire to learn a second language but are having a hard time squeezing it in to everything else you have going on? Take a look at this list we’ve compiled to help you incorporate your target language into what you’re already doing. A little practice every day makes a huge difference over time, […]

How To Celebrate Three Kings Day


Three Kings Day popped on my radar the first year my son attended a Spanish-speaking immersion school. He and his preschool classmates dressed up in shiny clothes and crowns to give royal honor to Jesus. In my son’s memory, it was one of his favorite days at school.  What is Three Kings Day?  Three Kings […]

How LOM Reminded Me that Parenting is Letting Go

How KOM Reminded Me that Parenting is Letting Go

My daughter sings, “I will go,” in Spanish, then English. She stands in our back porch with her head lifted, eyes serious. It’s a song she learned through Kids on Mission’s (KOM’s) summer program. (Listen here: “Yo iré, yo iré”)  As she sings the words to the song, the burden of parenthood strikes me. When she grows […]

Homeschool Adventures with LOM Language Learning

Homeschool Adventures with KOM Language Learning Kids On Mission

7:00 a.m. Our homeschool day begins. I cook oatmeal while my kids do their morning chores. My seven-year-old son puts away the clean dishes from the dishwasher, and my four-year-old daughter sorts the silverware. We listen to Adventures in Odyssey while we work. There is also Adventures in Odyssey in Spanish, but I found with […]

New Year, New Language Learning Goal

With January comes fresh hope for new year resolutions, which could mean a new language learning goal for your family.  As a non-native speaker, I struggle with knowing how to support my family’s language learning at times. Discouragement dances at the edge of my mind. What do you know about Spanish? How can you help […]

What Language Should We Choose to Learn?

With so many beautiful languages in the world, which language should your family choose to learn? What should you consider? Culture? Proximity to native speakers? Opportunity to travel? Food? (Let’s be real. Although food does not equate language, food has been a great cultural bridge and encouragement in my family’s language journey!)  My family fell […]

Christmas Gift Guide for Unique Kid Gifts 

Christmas gift guide

I get this question every year from the grandparents: “What Christmas gift should we get your kids?”  Sometimes I just want to say, “Oh, you know. A couple of sticks and a box.” (Those always seem to be the “toys” that occupy my kids the longest!)  However, I know my parents ask because they don’t […]

How to Make the Most out of an LOM Class

[Updated on January 20, 2023 to change all references from Kids on Mission (KOM) to Language on Mission (LOM). Read more about our name change here!] Whether it was because you want to keep your kids away from the summer language slide or you just recently discovered the superpower of learning a second language, you […]