People need to hear about God’s love for them in their own language.

Unfortunately, most language education falls flat over time because there’s no connection with real people. Having a genuine connection with culture compels continued learning. Students become motivated to engage in opportunities to love and serve others.

Language on Mission provides language classes that are inspiring, affordable, and accessible.

  • Inspiring: Native speaker teachers who love Jesus and their students provide the connection needed to motivate students to keep learning during live classes.
  • Affordable: Many families desire to learn a second language but are working within a tight budget. Our goal is to keep tuition as low as possible and start a scholarship fund for families in full-time ministry.
  • Accessible: Through technology, any student anywhere in the world has access to Christ-centered language education.

Your gift today can help inspire students to learn a new language for the sake of the Gospel.

  • $50  – can keep classes accessible to all by covering technology licensing fees for 3 months
  • $300  – can provide small group classes twice a week to a child of a family in full-time ministry
  • $1000  – can cover development costs for our custom, Christ-centered curriculum for our 6 week summer camp

Partner with us today to equip kids and adults to love others in their own language.


Join us on Giving Tuesday to show gratitude for your language teacher!

We are raising funds for year-end teacher bonuses and to develop new Spanish children’s curriculum.

Year-End Teacher Bonuses:

  • Our teachers love each student with the love of God and encourage them to grow in their language abilities. They put forth their best effort in every class!
  • All of our teachers currently teach with us part-time as they balance priorities with their families or other jobs.
  • A bonus at the end of the year means greater financial freedom for them to enjoy the holidays and be generous to their family and friends.

Christ-Centered Spanish Children’s Curriculum:

  • Our curriculum is custom-made, weaving together engaging themes, fun activities, and useful vocabulary – all while pointing our students’ hearts towards Jesus.
  • We are working to create brand new children’s Spanish curriculum for the spring.
  • Donating towards curriculum development blesses your child’s teacher directly by providing them with a high quality, solid framework from which to teach their classes.

Say “thank you” to your teacher today and bless them this holiday season!

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Language on Mission and Charleston Bilingual Academy are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations operating under the business name Clapham Education Group, so all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Clapham Education Group’s tax identification number is 82-1567491.