Spanish Music to Keep Toes Tapping and Heads Learning—for the Whole Family KOM Learning

Spanish Music to Keep Toes Tapping and Heads Learning—for the Whole Family 

I wouldn’t say that I am a good singer, but I love music and so do my kids! I love turning up the volume and dancing around the kitchen. Or, I love putting on the tunes during a long road trip or just our regular commute to school. Songs keep my whole family awake, energized, and excited for the day.  

Songs are also a great way to learn another language. The best teachers don’t just “teach” a language but use tools that help you “catch” the language. That’s why once upon a time an educator set the “ABCs” to music. That’s also why, if your family is learning Spanish, you should have the music flowing in your house and car. Here are some suggestions to get you started.  

Songs to Keep You Moving 

My family first heard Evan Craft’s song “Desesperado” in English on the Christian radio station. “Hey, Mom!” my son exclaimed. “That’s Spanish! Desesperado!” We later discovered the Spanish version and the rest of Evan Craft’s albums. What I like about the music (besides their toe-tapping quality) is that he has the same songs in Spanish and English. So, even for beginners, it’s easy to follow along and learn the translation of Spanish words. 

Other recommendations for music to dance to include Juanes, a Colombian artist whose neutral accent makes it easier to understand than others, this cover of Lauren Daigle’s song by Danilo Vasillo, or this song from Miel San Marcos which will sure to get you grooving. 

Songs for Worship

I think the easiest way to learn Spanish is to learn through modes you are already familiar with. For me, I love hearing Bible stories in Spanish and singing Spanish worship songs I know in English. If you have a beloved worship song you sing at church, there is likely a Spanish version. Many popular worship groups have Spanish translations of their songs. For example, Hillsong and Maranatha both have many Spanish albums. But don’t stop there! There are also many Spanish-speaking worship leaders. One of my favorite duos is Majo y Dan with their beautiful song “Llévame a la Cruz / Nadie Igual (En Vivo Desde Casa).” Other recommendations include Danillo MonteroMarcos Witt, Marco Barrientos, Marcos Vidal, and Miel San Marcos

Songs for Scripture

One of the reasons I love learning Spanish through songs is that it is easier to memorize the placement of words in a sentence through music, even difficult sentences. And what better way for kids to learn Spanish than by memorizing truths from the Bible? Steve Green has this fun album in Spanish where he and a group of kids sing Bible verses. Cedarmont Niños also has some great Sunday school songs sung by kids. Also, Ismir Muñoz has the beginning of Proverbs set to music. His music isn’t specifically for kids, but it’s a great way to learn the pronunciation of biblical words.   

Songs for Fun

Did you grow up watching Disney princesses? The heroes of Disney have changed, but the music has not. It still gets stuck in your head and pops out at the most unusual times. Grocery store line, anyone? Here are some favorite Disney songs in Spanish: Lion King’s “Hakuna Matata,” “Beauty and the Beast,” my daughter’s favorite Frozen’s “Let it Go,” and you can’t forget the Encanto soundtrack! 

Once you get started in the world of Spanish music, there’s no saying what you’ll discover! 

Did you know LOM online learning uses music in their classes?

Every week, students are introduced to songs that have key vocabulary. Also, LOM’s online class resources give parents access to this music 24/7. Interested to learn more about the classes LOM offers? Check out Spanish classes here and Mandarin classes here.

Your Turn.

What’s your favorite Spanish music? What songs should we add to our list?

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