Meet Maestra Samantha

  • Has been teaching with LOM almost from the very beginning of the program!
  • She & her husband are leaders in their local church
  • Loves to include creative activities to inspire her students


My name is Samantha López and I am from Mexico, where I currently live with my husband and our two beautiful children. I love to serve the Lord and praise Him with all my heart. I really enjoy reading and my favorite book is the Bible because God speaks to me through it. 

Since I was a child I dreamed of being a teacher but I actually decided to study Tourism Administration, since I love everything about travel! However, through the church the Lord has allowed me to serve with children by assisting in children’s camps and Sunday school classes. 

Some time ago the Lord put me in charge of the cafeteria at my children’s school, which unfortunately had to close due to the pandemic. A few months later, the Lord provided for us by allowing me to start teaching with Language on Mission. I love Spanish because it is my mother tongue and I especially like the spelling. I enjoy LOM because each class is different, so I am constantly learning. I love being with children because the Lord teaches me a lot about being like a child, with their simple, sincere hearts, and how they are always surprised by the wonders of the Lord.

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