Meet Maestra Kely

  • Native speaker from Guatemala and Nicaragua
  • B.S. in Education and English
  • Many years of teaching and translating


¡Hola! My name is Kely Jiménez. I am from Guatemala, but I was raised in Nicaragua in a Christian family. Currently, I live in Guatemala with my husband. I love to serve the Lord.

One of my passions is to preach the Gospel as a missionary and share the Good News with others. Besides, I love teaching, which is the reason why I pursued an English Degree. I have always worked with children, serving as an English Teacher, participating in VBS at my church, and working as a translator as well.

I know that God brought me to LOM for a purpose – to teach about Him. I am open to what God wants me to do and to share about two different cultures, and, of course, my native language, Spanish. I can’t wait to see how Jesus will work through this wonderful Language Program. Blessings!

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