Meet Maestra Martha

  • Has a Master’s in Education
  • Many years of experience teaching Spanish
  • Native speaker from Venezuela


Hola! I am Maestra Martha. In addition to teaching with Language on Mission, I am a preschool and drama Spanish teacher at Charleston Bilingual Academy. I have taught Spanish for many years in a variety of countries. I taught Spanish for 8 years on the island of Trinidad. In addition to that, I spent two years as a Spanish teacher at QSI International School in Trinidad and Tobago and 3 years at QSI International School in Shenzhen, China.

I was born and lived many years of my life in Venezuela, and I am from Caracas. I am excited to support my students on this platform. My passion is to teach Spanish as a second language and for students to learn, get excited and have fun during the classes.

I enjoy being in nature, playing the cuatro and guitar, and singing. I also love cooking and creating plant-based food recipes, without gluten or lactose.

I originally worked as a lawyer. After a few years I decided to study teaching and then I got a master’s degree in education. Working as a teacher has been wonderful and a beautiful experience in my professional life. I am very excited to meet my students and start working together to see them succeed in learning Spanish!

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